Our highly trained team of opticians and doctors are ready to assist you with a great selection of frames and lenses, tailored to your specific needs.


If you’ve never thought about the brand of lenses for your eyeglasses, you are certainly not alone. However, when you consider how significant vision is to your life and how much you depend on the sense of sight throughout the day, you begin to appreciate what drives our efforts to provide you with excellent lenses that will allow you to see more clearly and comfortably. We offer a wide range of solutions, from Internal Freeform Lenses customized for your eyes; to Blue Light filter lenses that prevent eyestrain from electronic devices.


We are also ready to help you find your perfect new pair of glasses. We have over 1,000 eyewear options that are not only appropriate to your prescription, but also well designed to fit your face and lifestyle. We want you see better and look better. We can even fit new lenses into those old frames you still love.



The process of choosing your new glasses at Integra Eyecare Centre is fast, convenient and precise, while also being fun and exciting. Our clinic was one of the first in British Columbia to offer the revolutionary Optikam, a measurement device that takes into account how the glasses will be worn by the patient, and acquires multiple measurements, far more detailed than just the patients’ pupillary distance (PD). In addition to the fast and accurate measurements, the Optikam is equipped with augmented reality (AR) tools that offer you a glimpse of how different premium lenses can impact your vision. We are also equipped with an on-site lab, so we just need 20 minutes to replace your old lenses with new, updated ones. We can also provide you with custom, unique lens shapes for your rimless glasses.


Are you considering contact lenses for the very first time, or looking to improve the comfort or vision of your current lenses? Have you wanted contacts in the past but were unable to wear them or told you are not a candidate because your prescription was “too high,” your eyes were too dry, you needed bifocals, or you have astigmatism? We can help.

Our clinic has been chosen as one of the few contact lenses clinical research centres in Canada. We are equipped with thousands of trial lenses from every major supplier, and our team of doctors and opticians is here to help you find the right solution to improve your vision without glasses.


More important than all technological advancements, our highly skilled team of licensed opticians is here to help you find the best solution to your eyewear needs. Our opticians take pride in placing the integrity of their profession and the interests of our patients above their own interests. At Integra Eyecare Centre we don’t believe in daily sales targets or productivity bonuses. Instead, we aim to serve our patients with the utmost integrity and respect.


Dominated by big-box stores and corporate chains, the eye care industry in Canada is rapidly changing. While big corporations focus more and more on vertical integration, supply chain management, profitability, and offering their patients the very same products and services as every other clinic, we decided to be innovators for the future of the eyecare industry.

We put the patient at the centre of our decisions.

We are a truly independent eye clinic. This means no compromise, no in-house generic lenses, and no exclusive agreements with particular suppliers. We are able to source the right products to your needs, every single time, from the best suppliers. In addition to that, we are part of the Eyerecommend network of independent optometrists. This allows us to negotiate the best price without compromising quality.

We are locally owned, support our community and give back to the profession through research and education.

Experience the difference of choosing a truly independent eye clinic. Come and see for yourself what sets us apart from the rest.



  • Eyeglass and sunglass frames have a one-year, one-time replacement warranty for manufacturer’s defects except sale frames.
  • Eyeglass and sunglass frames have a one-year, one-time replacement warranty for accidental damage except sale frames. Eligible frames are covered for 50% of the cost of replacement parts in the second year.
  • Lost and discontinued frames are not covered.


  • Lenses have a 60-day, one-time replacement warranty for adaptation issues or prescription changes. When switching to a lens of higher value, the patient will be responsible for the price difference.
  • Lenses with generic coatings, including Valuepak lenses, have a one-year, one-time replacement warranty for scratches, coating defects, and lens chipping.
  • Lenses with premium coatings have a two-year, one-time replacement warranty for scratches, coating defects, and lens chipping.


  • No exchange or refund of prescription eyewear. Orders for custom prescription lenses can not be cancelled once they have been placed.
  • Returns of non-rx sunglasses are allowed within 14 days if in original condition.

Patient’s Own Frame or Lenses

  • Due to the inability to control the condition of “patient own” lenses and frames received, we cannot accept responsibility and/or liability for lenses or frames during fabrication and mounting.

Contact Lenses

  • Unopened, unexpired boxes of contact lenses are eligible for exchange if in original condition. When switching to contact lenses of a higher value, the patient will be responsible for the price difference.