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As we age, our crystalline lenses start to become cloudy, obscuring our vision to the point where glasses are no longer effective and a surgical solution is needed. Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in seniors, and can be treated by the replacement of the hazy lens with an intraocular implant lens (IOL).

Our doctors are trained to diagnose if your vision changes are related to cataracts, and find out the best course of action in each individual case. In most early cases, updating your glasses is enough to restore your vision and improve your quality of life. As the condition progresses, cataract surgery might be indicated. Our team works closely with the best cataract surgeons in the province, and we make sure you have the best outcome possible.

After cataract surgery, your glasses prescription will change. We are well equipped to co-manage your case with the cataract surgeon and ensure surgical outcome is optimized with updated glasses, ocular surface treatment and IOL opacification monitoring.

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