At Integra Eyecare Centre, an eye exam goes beyond ensuring you achieve the best vision possible. Our top priority is the health of your eyes. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions can prevent vision loss and other ocular and general health complications. We have invested in the latest diagnostic technology to make sure your exam is as thorough, efficient and precise as possible.

We know that every patient has different needs and concerns. It is our mission to know and understand these concerns, and take the time necessary to provide a personalized, comprehensive exam in order to ensure our patients achieve optimal vision and ocular health. Our doctors also take the time to explain the conditions diagnosed and the appropriate treatment plan. We also allow our patients to have access to their records and contact our doctors through our secure, HIPAA compliant patient portal.

At Integra Eyecare Centre we constantly invest in training and technology to make your eyecare experience better. Come experience the difference. Book an eye exam today.

Regular eye exams for children are a vital part of protecting their vision and ensuring that vision problems are detected and treated early. These vision problems can also affect your children’s ability to perform well in school, so it is vital to detect and manage these issues as early as possible. Your children should have their eyes checked at least once a year, starting at 6 months of age.

During the exam, we will gather information on family history or any vision problems your children might have had before. We will also test their vision to make sure that their eyes are developing at a healthy rate. Beyond checking their vision, we also ensure their eye coordination, colour vision, depth perception, reading ability and eye health are normal. You will be amazed by the amount of exams that can be performed at such young age.

We understand that children can become nervous about eye doctor visits, so we go above and beyond to make sure your little ones not only feel safe and comfortable, but also actually enjoy the whole experience from beginning to end.

Patients between 19 and 64 years of age should see an eye doctor every year, even if their vision is perfect. A number of eye conditions are silent and lead to severe vision loss if not detected early. Glaucoma is a perfect example of this, and our team takes advantage of advanced technology to ensure your eyes are healthy for life.

Our clinic does not utilize the ‘puffs of air’ to measure your eye pressure; we use the most accurate methods available, applanation tonometry and the modern and non-invasive iCare IC100. We also take retinal imaging one step further, with the state-of-the-art Daytona Optomap, which scans 200 degrees of your retina. We also provide advanced and specialized testing, including OCT scans, K5 topography, meibography and tear film osmolarity. Our goal is to optimize your appointment and avoid unnecessary multiple visits to address your concerns, providing you with a full spectrum of eye care services in one single location.

We have developed a great relationship with the medical community and routinely receive referrals from specialists and family physicians for dry eye management and full-scope optometric care. Our team believes in the importance of collaborating with your referring specialist and/or family physician to ensure you remain healthy and your vision is preserved.

We provide you with your exam results and glasses prescription at the end of your appointment, and you have access to your charts, glasses and contact lenses order status through our HIPAA compliant patient portal. You can also contact your doctor directly through the portal.
Our eye exams go beyond glasses and contacts. Book and exam today and experience the difference.

Seniors have special care requirements because eyes and vision both tend to change more quickly as the birthdays go by. Men and women over 65 years of age should see their eye doctor every year, especially if they or their family members have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure or eye diseases such as glaucoma. Senior patients should see their doctor any time they experience a noticeable change in vision.

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows our team to assess your health in less visits and reduces the need to visit multiple doctors/locations to have your concerns properly addressed. We also have an on-site edger, which allows us to conveniently upgrade your eyeglass lenses in less than half an hour.

Our team is trained to determine when a vision or ocular health abnormality is isolated or part of a larger health issue, and strongly believe in interprofessional collaboration. We will work along with your specialist and/or family physician to better assist you. Invest in your eyes, book an exam today and experience the difference.

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