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If your goal is to achieve independence from glasses and contacts, refractive surgery might be a solution. Eligibility for a surgical procedure is linked to three factors: your corneas need to be thick enough, your eyes need to be healthy enough, and your glasses prescription needs to be stable for a period of time. Our doctors utilize the best in diagnostic technology to assess those three factors and determine which procedure is indicated in your case. There are two surgical procedures that could be recommended: LASIK and PRK.

LASIK consists in creating a flap in your cornea and lasering the layer underneath it. The recovery is fast and the patient typically leaves the surgical room with clear vision. Due to the underlying risk of flap dislocation or rotation, this procedure is not recommended to patients who work in law enforcement or practice contact sports and/or martial arts.

PRK applies laser to the surface of the eye without the creation of a flap. The post-op recovery can be challenging, as the vision is not clear for a few weeks and the patient might experience some eye pain and discomfort. This surgery can be indicated for patients with thinner corneas, since it does not require the creation of a flap.

Our doctors are very experienced in refractive surgery co-management, and work closely with some of the best refractive surgeons in Canada. We are also considered a ‘hub’ for pre and post-operative co-management by the leading refractive centres in BC, and we put the latest technology at your service so your refractive surgery leads to the best visual outcome possible.

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